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In this exclusive brief, you’ll learn how to develop metrics based on the ‘3 big sales enablement questions’ and better understand the “why” behind rep performance.
For sales reps to improve, they need to see themselves as a buyer would see them, and they need an environment to capture those performances.
With budgets opening up for the new year, January and February are often the busiest months of the recruitment cycle.
As sales enablement leaders face the challenge of keeping reps engaged with learning and training, how can they better reach and teach their salespeople?
Earlier this year, sales reps at BTG weren’t hitting quotas. When Jason Gwilliam joined the company as its new manager of sales training, he sought to figure out why.
Brainshark for Manufacturing
Brainshark makes it easier to keep your team of external sellers engaged with your products and prepared to sell more for YOU – not the other guys.

Can your sales reps meet today's high standards?

Modern B2B buyers expect more from salespeople than ever before. Sales readiness technology is key to ensuring they can meet today's ultra-high standards. Download this exclusive Forrester report to learn more.