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Success starts here. Get your salespeople up to speed, and keep them performing at their peak.

Sales Training That Gets Results

Prepare your team with sales training solutions for any requirement - from formal onboarding to just-in-time learning in the field.

Sales Training with Brainshark

Accelerate onboarding: Cut the time it takes new reps to close their first deals with engaging, on-demand training the moment they walk through the door

Reinforce learning: Guarantee reps maintain the skills and knowledge to succeed with continuous learning that can be accessed anytime, anywhere

Certify your team: Ensure mandatory training is always completed and automatically send certifications when requirements are met

Prove reps are prepared: Scale your training strategy with sales coaching that empowers managers to know which reps have truly mastered your message

Use Salesforce? Now Use it Better

Enable seamless access to the content and training reps require – in context with their sales cycles – without ever leaving the CRM.

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Seamless integration: Access Brainshark's formal and informal training environment right within your Salesforce account

Rapid Onboarding: Enable new reps to start training the moment they first log in to Salesforce

Stay on Top: Keep reps prepared with continuous learning filtered and served up in context, for any selling situation

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The Word from Our Customers

Brainshark has made a huge difference in our sales training effectiveness, and has resulted in less time wasted for sales managers.

Gary Korpita, Director of Sales Training

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Inside the sales onboarding and training problem

Hear how leading companies use sales training solutions to ramp up new hires faster, while keeping their sales force up-to-speed, compliant and ready for every selling situation.

Inside the sales onboarding and training problem

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