Brainshark RiverBed case study
Riverbed Case Study
Nearly three years ago, Riverbed’s global sales training was virtually non-existent. The company needed sales readiness platform that would get (and k...
Colonial Life Case Study
With a sales organization of 10,000 reps, Colonial Life needed an easy way to provide sales training content and track the results.
Avid Case Study
For Avid's distributed 300-person sales team, onboarding and training was too long and too costly. The company chose Brainshark to roll out rich, inte...
Aristocrat Case Study
Learn how Aristocrat used Brainshark to transform its global sales training to better prepare reps for monthly product releases.
Laticrete Case Study
Laticrete, a 60-year-old manufacturing company, needed a better way to train its distributors and customers. Over 3,800 distributors and customers acc...
Ahead Case Study
With a rapidly growing employee base, AHEAD needed a new approach to training and onboarding, especially when it came to dispersed sales reps. The com...
PTC Case Study
In this video, hear from PTC's Don Cooper about the company's approach to sales enablement during a sales and business transformation.